The NRA has refused to endorse Hunter Hill every year he has run. He received a “C” rating in 2012 and 2014.

According to the NRA Political Victory Fund, a “C” Rating means, “A candidate with a mixed record or positions on gun related issues, who may oppose some pro-gun positions or support some restrictive legislation.”

As of April 23, 2018, Hill has refused to answer the Candidate Survey provided by another pro-2nd Amendment group, Georgia Gun Owners (GGO). From their site, “History tells us when candidates won’t go on record, they’re trying to give themselves wiggle room to support some form of gun control down the road.”

In 2014, Hunter significantly weakened HB 875 the Safe Carry Protection Act after the House passed it 119 to 56. This bill was over the ability of Georgia concealed carry holders to carry guns in more places. Hunter worked to dramatically change the expansive House version in a Senate committee he wasn’t even on, gutting the bill and effectively killing it.

On February 23, 2018, Hunter responded to a question at a Georgia Bar forum related to gun control and stated, “If we’re going to have gun laws, we’ve gotta have parity. So if it’s 21 on a hand gun, it makes sense to make it 21 on a automatic weapon or the semiautomatic weapons.” This would be a new gun control law for Georgia.


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