As a proven business leader and Navy SEAL, I have what it takes to lead our great state. I've got a bold vision to bring Georgia into the 21st-century while fighting for conservative, common sense reforms. Here's where I stand on the issues that matter.

Sex Trafficking

It’s a dirty little secret that Atlanta is the No. 1 city in the country for sex trafficking. This is a $300 million business in Atlanta alone. I have helped take down some of the worst networks of people in the world. I will roll up my sleeves, bring the same relentless mission focus, and work directly with law enforcement to hunt down these gangs and sex-trafficking rings and put them out of business for good.

Every 3rd Grader Reads

I have a bold vision: Every third grader reads. Third grade reading rates are the number one indicator of a child’s future success and how many folks we’ll have in prison in the future. It’s time we draw a line in the sand and lead.

State Spending

It’s time we start living within our means. Right now, the state of Georgia looks to be in pretty good shape on paper; but with the federal debt so large it’s like having a $20 bill in your left pocket and a $200 IOU in your right. Every Georgian owes $1 million dollars in government debt* on top of their credit card, car, and house. If we don’t start rethinking how we run our government, we won’t have the money we’ve had in previous years to fight crime, build roads, or educate our children.

2nd Amendment

I am an unabashed supporter of the Second Amendment. It is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I will defend that right as Governor.

Illegal Immigrants

There is no place in Georgia for sanctuary cities and I will prevent them from receiving state funds. Our law enforcement agencies must collaborate with each other – not against each other – to fight illegal immigration. That process begins by stopping the release of illegals from county jails and sharing intelligence like I did to take down ISIS.


I’m against any step down a slippery slope towards recreational Marijuana but Georgia law already permits the use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil to assist patients who suffer from a variety of illnesses and diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and seizures. Patients should be able to access valid treatments that are already legal for use, especially those that have strong potential to combat the current opioid crisis in Georgia.


I strongly support religious freedom, but I won’t take the RFRA pledge. From what I can tell the two aren’t even related. I will continue to fight for our religious liberty with the same fervor with which I defended our country as a Navy SEAL. I’m a Christian, a man of faith, and believe the government should not trample on our beliefs. I will not sign any pledge regarding future undrafted legislation – including the RFRA pledge – but promise to veto any bill that enables lawsuits against people of faith.


I will be an ardent pro-life champion for Georgia. As governor, I will work to protect the lives of unborn children.

Opioid Crisis

Our state’s opioid problem must be dealt with immediately. In a state with 10 million people, there were over 541 million opium pills prescribed last year alone. Opioid addiction and the crime that result from it have touched the lives of too many of us. Enough is enough.

*in unfunded liabilities


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